Reading Lessons
in Grand Rapids, MI and surrounding areas

Reading Is Essential for a Child to Succeed.

Reading Lessons in Grand Rapids, MI and surrounding areas

Struggles with reading can bleed over into issues in other subjects, negatively affecting a student’s overall outlook of school and learning. Often children lack a desire to read because they are overwhelmed by the barriers they face with struggling to keep up with their peers and to succeed in the classroom. We don’t want students to learn to hate reading. Our reading tutors will use your child’s interests and games to help make reading fun. With our creative approach, students will soon realize that reading can be a fantastic way to explore unknown worlds and they will take the success with us and transform it into success in the classroom.

It is absolutely devastating to a child to be held back in school, and with the new Michigan law coming into effect, we want to help make sure that doesn’t happen.  We offer intensive reading tutoring with students preK-3 to help ensure that they can move on to 4th grade with their class.  We will build their confidence and help them discover a passion for books.

You can work with our tutors in a one-on-one setting and we are also offering summer book clubs to keep children reading and excited about learning throughout the summer. We offer experienced and professional services, Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Kentwood, East Grand Rapids, Walker, Jenison, Byron Center, Rockford, Holland, Ada, Cascade, Hudsonville and Nationwide for Virtual Tutoring

We shouldn't teach great books; we should teach a love of reading. ~B.F. Skinner