What Our Clients Say

Outside the Box: Creative Tutoring has transformed the way my children have performed in math. My fifth grader and eighth grader are both finally getting A’s on their math tests. They look forward and beg me to play the math games they learned in tutoring. I never thought I would see the day!


Allison has been attending Outside the Box: Creative Tutoring for over a year now, getting support in math. The difference she has experienced since starting 5th grade has been amazing. She has gone from nightly tears and tantrums while doing math homework to being the first kid done in her class and helping other students. The confidence and excitement she has gained by earning A’s in math has translated to other subjects and she enjoys school now more than ever.


Outside the Box: Creative Tutoring services has been a tremendous compliment to our homeschool program. Our students, grades 7, 4 and 2 have learned to enjoy and appreciate the learning process through the use of educational games, stories and hands on experiments.

The addition of creative learning tools that the tutor provides and the passion for the enjoyment of learning, has made all the difference in their enthusiasm and interest in doing school work.

Thank you Outside The Box!


Hola, mi nombre es Leticia quiero darle las gracias a Anne Friedli por enseñarle a mi hijo Dylan, que necesitaba ayuda en lectura y matemáticas y el ahora ha mejorado el esta en 4 año comenzó con la tutora cuando el estaba en 3er año y sigue mejorando, Anne es muy buena persona enseñando, mi hijo disfruta mucho estudiar con ella yo la recomiendo a cualquier persona que tenga problemas en el aprendizaje con sus hijos . Sinceramente Leticia


Hello, my name is Leticia and I want to thank Anne Friedli for teaching my son, Dylan, who needed help in reading and math, he has improved, he is in fourth grade and started tutoring with Anne in third grade and he keeps improving. Anne teaches very well, my son enjoys studying with her a lot. I recommend her as a tutor for anyone whose child is struggling to learn. Sincerely, Leticia


I have been using Outside the Box: Creative Tutoring for over a year now. My Daughter Alondra has improved in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. She has matured along the way and now has many friends at school. We started using Outside the Box in 6th Grade and Alondra is now in middle school 7th Grade at Byron Center. I’m not sure where we would be today if not for Outside the Box Creative Tutoring.


Working with Outside the Box: Creative Tutoring has transformed my child’s experience of learning. Anne helped him rediscover his love of learning by using a variety of different child-centered techniques ranging from creating silly math songs to taking on funny personalities and cowriting stories. Anne is masterful at using my son’s preexisting interest in things like animals and natural disasters as the contexts for introducing new concepts. Anytime my son has a day off from other schooling activities his first question is “can I do extra tutoring?”

We decided to homeschool our son because his dislike of school was turning into a dislike for learning. He “hated” reading, math and every other topic we asked him about. Working with Outside the Box Creative Tutoring has helped him to rediscover his love of learning new things. Anne is quite skilled at getting him engaged and excited about learning. She uses games, songs and silliness to keep him engaged and he is learning and having fun at the same time. His academic skills have increased substantially, but more importantly, he talks about being excited to learn new skills.


Outside the Box has been a great help with my daughter’s grades and confidence over the past 3 years. They give my 9th grader the support and self assurance she needs to be the A student she is today!


Thank you so much for your weekly sessions over the last year. My daughter, now in 12th grade, has become more confident, not as frustrated, and has excelled in both her math and AP Stats classes in a very short period of time. Her current GPA is 4.133! It’s been a fantastic experience for both her and us, and the weekly sessions are the best thing that we could have done for our daughter.


When my 2nd grader needed some help I found Outside the Box: Creative Tutoring and I’m glad I did! Creative is a perfect word; my daughter can learn math singing her favorite tunes, have fun reading and much more that makes learning interesting for her. She’s on 4th grade now and I won’t stop using their valuable services.