Meet the Tutors

Anne Friedlia

Subject Areas: K-12 Math, Language Arts, and Social Studies; K-8 Science. ACT & SAT Test Prep
Meet the Tutors

Anne is the founder of Outside the Box: Creative Tutoring. She majored in Elementary Education with double minors in Mathematics and Language Arts at Northern Michigan University. Anne is autistic, and after working in the classroom as a student teacher, she realized that it wasn’t her style to be tied to a traditional teaching setting. She wanted to reach students individually so she chose to work with students one-on-one outside of the classroom. This gave her the freedom to key in on each student’s interests. She prides herself on finding what it is that gets a student excited to learn.

Though her autism makes it difficult for her to socialize with other adults, it has proven to be her super power when it comes to working with and relating well with children and teens. She loves to laugh during sessions and will not hesitate to sing, dance, and be utterly ridiculous when honoring a student’s achievements. She often uses silly voices and accents to make boring topics enjoyable. Anne believes that a student that is laughing is making a strong connection to the material. She regularly makes jokes and tells offbeat stories to teach serious topics. Just don’t be surprised if you get a note sent home that says your child was giggling while taking a test.

Anne has always loved creative writing. As a child it was her goal to grow up and be a famous author. Her passions have shifted and she loves working with children now, but she did find time to write a children’s novel, Annie Banana, and a young adult novel, Dancing in the Rain, both of which she hopes to get published.

Anne’s family is growing as she and her husband have adopted a ten year old girl. For as long as Anne can remember, she knew she wanted to adopt children instead of having her own. A quote that has inspired her comes from the movie Martian Child. “I don’t want to bring another kid into this world, but how do you argue against loving one that’s already here?”

Kristin Graef

Subject Areas: K-9 Math, K-12 Language Arts and Social Studies, Writing Test Prep, Piano Lessons

Meet the Tutors

Kristin is our most “mature” tutor, but like a fine wine, she has gotten better with age. She has a Master’s degree in English from Ball State University, and earned her Bachelor’s in English at Wittenberg University in Ohio. Kristin has enjoyed lifelong travel in Europe, Canada, and most of the states, and has tutored English to ESL students, both children and adults. She has also taught beginning piano to both children and adults, off and on all her life, and tutored privately in math, history, and social studies.

Mostly, though, she teaches essay composition and sometimes Western Humanities at Aquinas College, and has been doing so for fifteen years. She’s taught composition also at GVSU and GRCC, and currently at Davenport University. In the summers she has facilitated at SAT essay-writing preparatory workshops, and directed the summer program at Lake Michigan Academy for different learners, grades K to 12. Other supplemental work has included dog walking (Kristin is the Number One Animal Lover of the Universe) and companion for the elderly.

Kristin is diverse in her interests and skills, but in terms of people, she holds a fond place in her heart for children and the elderly, for similar reasons. They are easy to talk to, because they are genuine. She has strong faith in the intelligence of children, and respects them for that. What results is a keen affinity with them, and she uses that to help them learn.

Kristin’s favorite things to do are travelling, writing, reading, petting cats, playing games, binge-watching excellent TV with her two grown sons, swimming, and laughing so hard she needs her asthma inhaler.

Meet the Tutors

Sam Prince

Subject Areas: K-12 Language Arts and Drama; K-8 Math, Science, and Social Studies. ACT & SAT Test Prep

Sam is a self-employed Marketing Consultant, husband, and dad of four kids. He is also co-leader of the children’s ministry at Tribes Church in Rockford. He home schooled two of his children for three years and is very active in their homework and education. Sam is excited to tutor for Outside the Box: Creative Tutoring so he can help more students and expand their possibilities.

Sam’s passions are many, but acting and drama are probably his biggest. He majored in English and minored in Theatre at the University of Michigan, and has been doing something with acting when he can since graduating in 1992. Sam’s dream is to start a children’s theatre here in Grand Rapids and have drama programs and camps for kids who want to be the next Academy Award winners.

Meet the Tutors

Peggy Barber

Subject Areas: K-12 Math and Science, Test Preparation. ACT & SAT Test Prep

Peggy is currently a real estate entrepreneur. She worked in insurance management and consulting for over 20 years at the corporate offices of CNA Insurance and Specialty Underwriters. She has always loved science (and college football) since she got her BS in Chemistry at the University of Notre Dame. She has tutored various ages and worked as a substitute HS teacher.

Peggy enjoys working one on one with students to build their confidence and knowledge by connecting the study of science and math to everyday life experiences.

When not working, she enjoys live music (especially opera), gardening, foreign languages and travel. She has been to the UK, France, Germany and China.

Meet the Tutors

Julian Faraci

Subject Areas: All Ages History, Literature, Spanish, Writing, and Reading. K-12 STEM Learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) - Virtual Lessons Only

Julian graduated from Florida International University with a degree in History and a Caribbean Studies certificate. From here, he is currently pursuing a master’s degree from Western Michigan University. As a historian, he was required to read many firsthand accounts as well as literature from different time periods. While reading, it became necessary for him to use critical thinking and writing skills to teach and learn more about history. As a native Spanish speaker, languages come naturally.

While obtaining his degrees in Florida, Julian was a teacher for an afterschool program called Bricks 4 Kidz. He taught kids to use their critical thinking skills to build models using Legos. With an emphasis on using one’s imagination and creative ideas, Julian encourages students how to think and learn in a fun learning environment.

Meet the Tutors

Mayela Rosales

Subject Areas: Spanish (All Ages)

Mayela was born in Durango, Mexico, but was raised in the industrialized city of Monterrey, Mexico where she Graduated from the Monterrey Institute of Technology. She has BA in Accounting. She has worked in financial and accounting audits for KPMG and freelance work. She also is an English language instructor from the same institute in Monterrey. In 2010 she moved to McAllen, Texas and in 2015 moved to Grand Rapids as she and her family were uprooted due to her husband´s employment. Since then has moved on to teaching Spanish for Lingual Learners and is an ELL bilingual teacher’s assistant in the Sparta school district.

Mayela is the proud Mother of two beautiful girls, two yorkies and has been happily married for 20 years. She has found her passion in teaching Spanish to children and helping immigrant children to learn English. She is very empathetic, kind hearted and really cares about their development. Other than teaching the language, she enjoys exposing them to the vast and wonderful Spanish speaking cultures. Mayela enjoys reading and traveling abroad. During her 20 year marriage, she and her husband have visited Paris, London, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Monte Carlo and Italy. She loves to be in the company of her family and cannot wait for the moment to go visit her loved ones in Texas and Mexico.

Meet the Tutors

Nadia Hope

ASL All Ages (Virtual Lessons Only)

Nadia has grown up with sign language as her first language. She is hard of hearing and wears two hearing aids. She has deaf parents that taught her sign language. She was involved with many of the different deaf clubs events. She also volunteered at Camp Chris William for the Deaf/Hard Of Hearing/Blind/Coda campers since 2016. She has worked with a variety of ages and disabilities. She was always inspired to help other people who are in need or interested in learning the language and culture.

Currently Nadia is a small deaf business owner. She makes her own art and crafts. She makes bath salts with herbs, candles, wire wrapping with crystals, wood crafts and paintings. During her free time Nadia enjoys traveling out of state and going on adventures with her friends. She loves being outdoors and spending time with her family and friends.

Meet the Tutors

Sarah Cross

Subject Areas: K-12 Language Arts, ASL, K-8 Math

Sarah is currently a student at Grace Christian University. Over the course of her education, Sarah was homeschooled and enjoyed the ability to learn a variety of subjects independently from curriculums and classroom settings. While in high school, she took college classes at both Cornerstone University and Grace Christian University. She has always had a huge love for learning.
Sarah is working toward a future career in the publishing world. Along with her love for the written word, Sarah has also been learning American Sign Language since she was 8 years old. Sign language is a beautiful, unspoken language. Sarah hopes more will come to appreciate its uniqueness.
Sarah loves to read and write. She even works in a bookstore! When she isn’t with a book in hand, she can be found drawing, researching, or even riding her unicycle. She is excited to spread the joy of learning!

Meet the Tutors

Carmen Morales

Subject Areas: Spanish

Carmen was born in Mexico. She grew up in the state of Sonora. She has a BA in Accounting. In 2008 she got married and moved to Tucson, AZ. She was a volunteer in United Way-VITA during Tax season. She was a foster mother too. In 2015, she moved to Grand Rapids, MI due to her husband’s employment. She has worked teaching Spanish in Lingual Learners and volunteering with some families. She loves teaching Spanish and Hispanic Culture to children and adults. She also practices English with her nephews.

Carmen is very responsible, kind and reliable. She enjoys cooking, reading and traveling with her husband, extended family and friends.

Meet the Tutors

Lacie Greene

Subject Areas: ASL All Ages (Virtual Lessons Only)

Lacie was born and raised in Michigan by her deaf parents and had two C.O.D.A. siblings. She grew up in the mainstream schools and graduated from Model Secondary school for the Deaf in Washington D.C. She spent 6 years working with mental health in Florida. Lacie relocated to Austin, Texas, to serve for Texas School for the Deaf for 10 years as a residential educator. She is currently living in McAllen, Texas, to continue her entrepreneurship journey. Lacie enjoys traveling, camping, art crafts, and spending time with her family.

Meet the Tutors

Jay Graef

Subject Areas: History and Language Arts

Jay is near the end of his college career and will soon have a BA in History and a minor in English writing from Aquinas. He is a Phi Alpha Theta National Honors Society member for History, as nominated by several professors. He has been a Peer Tutor for History as well as an Athletic Study Tables tutor through AQ CORE for about three years and prior to that he was a peer counselor in High School. He is adaptable and adept in academia, but is also a personable and patient tutor.

In his spare time, Jay writes poetry, is an artist, and is an journaler/diarist. He has a stationary collection, lives with four cats, and tries to read at least six books a year. He’s a personal fan of theology and mystic tradition, though he enjoys a good work of Fiction as well. Jay enjoys traveling and likes to hike and mediate on trips. He finds the combination to be a wonderful experience!

Meet the Tutors

Evan Grogan, MSc

Subject Areas: K-College Math, Science, and Language Arts; Greek; ACT and SAT Test Prep (Virtual Lessons Only)

Evan is currently a Therapeutic Counselor. He graduated from Clark University with a major in Psychology and a minor in Physics. He continued his education in Europe and graduated from University of Nicosia in Cyprus. Cyprus is a beautiful island with a rich history, you should ask him about it. He enjoys helping people to improve the quality of their life and future. One of the best ways to ensure this is providing and guiding people with the necessary tools to succeed.
Evan is a citizen of planet Earth and loves to travel. He recently moved back to the USA from Europe and is getting situated for his twin daughters and wife to join him. Even though his daughters are 8-years-old they have learned to speak Greek during their time in Europe.

Meet the Tutors

Beth Harrison

Subject Areas: Prek-6 Math and Language Arts

Beth taught in special education resource rooms for eight years. She homeschooled her seven children for about twenty years. She has worked as a substitute in several schools in Ottawa and Kent Counties. Most recently, Beth taught PreK for one and a half years in Hopkins, MI. She enjoys tutoring preK-elementary aged students and loves to make the learning process fun.

Beth enjoys spending time with her husband, adult children, and grandchildren. She loves to cook big family meals. Beth enjoys a variety of sports, but she especially enjoys biking and swimming for exercise. She loves playing the piano and planing board games with her family. She also likes to spend quality time doing crafts with her grandchildren.

Meet the Tutors

Sharon McKelvey

Preschool-6th Math; K-8th Science; K-12 Language Arts, Social Studies; All Ages ESL

Sharon has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Spring Arbor University. Her passion is helping others, so tutoring is fun for her! Sharon was a substitute teacher at her children’s elementary school for 13 years. Then, she spent 2 years as a Preschool Aide for 4-year-olds. While she was still a substitute teacher, she began working for VIPKID. This company trained her to make learning fun as she taught English as a second language to children online. Sharon has also tutored adults in ESL through Bethany Christian Services.
Sharon enjoys spending time with her family! Sharon, her husband, and two children have traveled from the New England States, to the Deep South, and as far West as South Dakota. As a family, they have had the many opportunities to learn about the different cultures that make-up the United States.

Meet the Tutors

Irina Nadrau

Subject Areas: K-12 Math, Reading, K-8 Science, K-8 Chemistry, Proficient in Reading, Speaking, Grammar, and Comprehending Romanian, All Ages ESL

Irina was born in Romania. She was a teacher for 1st to 4th graders. Ask her how the educational system is different and how kids have only one teacher from 1st to 4th grade. She came to United States of America in 2000. After going back to school, she graduated from Grand Valley State University with a BA in Legal Studies. Currently, she is a Practice Assistant, assisting Intellectual Property lawyers.
Irina enjoys her Book club and reads extensively. One of her greatest passions is to encourage her students to read more and to enjoy learning about the world around them. Also, she is good at math: Algebra, Calculus, even Geometry. Math is fun if you have the right teacher to make you love it and understand it.
Would you like to learn some Romanian? Would you like to learn about another culture and some European history? Ask Irina.
Irina misses her long walks with her dog, Lucy, and now she walks her hubby. Also, she likes to cook, work out, even knit. Irina loves to explore nature and her family is often out exploring the lake, new parks, and outdoor activities in general.

Jessica Klas

Subject Areas: Music Theory and Piano Lessons All Ages, K-10 Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science

Meet the Tutors

A single mother in her early thirties, Jessica hails from Rockford, Michigan. She has exhibited a lifelong academic bent and passion for learning. For Jessica, school was about academics, and making friends was just a bonus! She graduated high school with a 4.1GPA. Jessica earned a full-ride academic scholarship to Lee University in Tennessee. She ultimately ended up accepting the scholarship offered by Aquinas, and was invited to compete for additional scholarship money in Aquinas’s Leaders Scholarship program. While pursuing business management, Jessica jumped some steps and went straight to owning, operating, and managing her own LLC, “Melodies Music Studio” of Rockford, Michigan. Jessica managed all of her own marketing and advertisement, website design, independent contract employees, curriculum sales, instrumental rentals, and so on. However, her passion was in the teaching! She has taught piano and music theory for 16 years, specializing in children with special needs. After many years as a stay-at-home-mom, Jessica’s passion for academia was recently re-kindled when she began tutoring a sophomore student in Rockford High School’s virtual program.

As a mother of a multi-talented, intellectual fifth-grade daughter, Jessica has her hands full! Her daughter has grown into her favorite person to spend time with, and they have many shared interests and hobbies. There is one thing particularly that Jessica and her daughter have in common: their love for animals! Flora and fauna won Jessica’s heart from a young age, and she found herself involved in everything from rehabilitating orphaned wildlife to hiking, horseback riding to gardening. A four-year-old thoroughbred racehorse, nine-year-old bullmastiff, three cats, and Chilean Rosehair tarantula currently complete the family. Jessica spends a lot of her free time in the saddle, as her equestrian career is very important to her. She also enjoys reading, writing, crafting, eating sushi, listening to 90’s country, and binge-watching horror movies on Netflix.

Meet the Tutors

Lynn Roberts

Subject Areas: K-8 Language Arts, Social Studies, Science

Lynn works during the day in insurance. She is currently working toward a Law and Society degree at Michigan Technological University online. She has big dreams of attending law school one day and finding ways to help her community with it.

She has extensive work experience working with children in after-school programs, helping them get their homework done and designing and leading educational activities to help develop an understanding of the subject.

When Lynn isn’t working, she is curled up reading a good book with her favorite tea, crocheting or doing obedience classes with her dog, Frodo.

Meet the Tutors

Reyna Tejeda-Woodard

Subject Areas: Pre K-12 Language Arts

Reyna is a registered behavior technician and has been working with children on the spectrum for two years. She has a background working with special needs students as direct support staff as well as helping at church and tutoring elementary aged students. She even taught a drum class. She volunteers at a local community center weekly where she helps with children from around the world.

Meet the Tutors

Amanda Boland

Subject Areas: K-12 Language Arts

Amanda graduated from Ferris State University with a bachelor’s degree in US History and a Minor in American Studies. After graduating college, she began working a Spectrum Health working as a technician in the OR before becoming a Library Coordinator at the Butterworth Campus. In 2020 at the start of COVID she chose to leave Spectrum Health and started working remotely for Advantage Solutions as a financial assistant.

In her free time Amanda enjoys spending time with her husband and three children, reading, and playing video games. She is excited for the opportunity to help others in her community by tutoring.

Meet the Tutors

Peter Babcock

Subject Areas: 6-12 Math (Including AP Courses), Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies, ACT and SAT Test Prep

Peter is currently teaching Algebra 2 and Pre-flight Math at West Michigan Aviation Academy. This school year is his second in Michigan, as he moved here to be with his wife Catherine in July 2021. Before moving to the Grand Rapids area, Peter taught math and special education in Antigo, Wisconsin and Loveland, Colorado. While Peter has specialized in mathematics throughout his career, he is a lifelong learner, and loves to immerse himself in the sciences and humanities, and has a passion for education and seeing his students grow. Peter’s values each student as an individual with a unique set of strengths and weaknesses, and uses this perspective to get the best from his students every day.

When he is not teaching, Peter is a busy father to his 9 month old (as of December 2022) son, Ezra. Peter was formerly a competitive chess player and speed solver of several Rubik’s puzzles, and can still be found enjoying those passions on a less competitive level. He also loves to cook and hike often with his family and friends.

Meet the Tutors

Sydni Rodriguez

Subject Areas: K-11 Math and Language Arts, Chemistry, Psychology

Sydni was a student at Ohio University from 2018-2021 where she graduated one year early in with a BS in Psychology. She is currently an Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD) student at Western Michigan University – Grand Rapids where she is working on her second year. She plans to work as an early intervention or school-based OT with an emphasis and advocacy for childhood and adolescent mental health. During her years at Ohio University, she tutored her peers in statistics and psychology courses and found a love for helping others excel in understanding concepts that appear difficult to them. Born and raised in a small town near Cedar Point in Ohio, her studies brought her and her engineer boyfriend to Grand Rapids where they found a new love for West Michigan adventures.

In her minimal spare-time, Sydni can be found relaxing on the couch with her boyfriend, going to the gym, shopping, taking long walks or playing at the park with her Siberian Husky, Moose. Sydni is a coffee enthusiast who runs on caffeine, and ALWAYS has a nice oat-milk latte in her hand from either local coffee shops or her home espresso machine.

Meet the Tutors

Elyssa Green

Subject Areas: K-12 Language Arts, Spanish Social Studies, K-9 Math

Elyssa has a bachelors in Anthropology and Spanish from Indiana University. Over the last 6 years, her jobs have mainly been in the education field as an ESL paraprofessional and substitute teacher. Elyssa first moved to Grand Rapids to teach Hispanic adults English with the Literacy Center of West Michigan, as an AmeriCorps member. She enjoys teaching others English, elementary and conversational Spanish. She also holds a minor in History and an International Studies Certificate. Elyssa has been abroad to England, Scotland, Spain, and Costa Rica. She always loves to share about her travels.
Elyssa continues her love of teaching at home each day with her baby boy, Koa. Elyssa and Koa love to read together! She is now a stay at home mom but loves to help tutor in the evenings. She also enjoys time outside in summer, Latin dancing, and traveling to new cities in Michigan when she gets the chance.

Meet the Tutors

Connor Christian

Subject Areas: K-5 All Subjects

Connor graduated from Hope College in 2021 with a bachelors degree in Business. After college he decided to switch careers and pursue education. While working on his family farm in a small town near Ann Arbor, he completed his K-5 certification and is in the process of becoming certified in secondary Social Studies as well! His favorite subject is History. He moved back to West Michigan in July and currently works at West Elementary in Wyoming as the building’s floating substitute. He’s been there since the start of the school year.

Connor grew up on a farm and has been working on it since he was thirteen. He enjoys the country lifestyle and the outdoors. He loves football, baseball, and golf but enjoys watching and talking about all sports! When he was in college he spent his summers working for the University of Michigan football team. He coaches football in his free time as well as spending time with friends and his German Shepard named Reggie.

Meet the Tutors

Amanda Young

Subject Areas: Spanish, K-6 Reading, Writing and Math, General Music

Amanda graduated from Byron Center High School and went on to get her Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Ministry with a minor in Spanish. She began learning Spanish in 5th grade, taking classes up through college and spent 2 months abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has loved learning and being able to communicate in Spanish, and is excited to help others learn as well! After graduating from Grace College, Amanda worked in elementary schools as a substitute teacher for 3 years. She worked with students from Young 5’s through 5th grade as a building substitute, helping students in large groups, small groups and one on one in any subject through elementary. She enjoys getting to know students, to help in a patient and kind way that fits them individually and how they learn best!

Amanda loves spending time with her husband Caleb, playing pickleball, cooking, and helping out with youth group at their church. She also enjoys drinking coffee, drawing, playing guitar, and spending time with family and friends!

Meet the Tutors

Alec Marsy

Subject Areas: 3-8 Math, 3-12 Language Arts, 3-12 Social Studies, and French for All Ages

Alec started in the Upper Peninsula, but soon found himself at MSU where he graduated in 2009 with a BA in Journalism. He spent many years substitute teaching and freelance reporting until he decided to make the switch formal. He attended the Graduate Teaching Certification (GTC) program at GVSU and received his teaching credentials in French and English at the secondary level in 2020. Alec is passionate about Foreign Language Acquisition, and is still pursuing a master’s degree in Education. ( 5 courses to go!)

When Alec isn’t working, his real passion is music. He won’t admit it, but he thinks himself something of a rock star. He’s been singing in choirs and on his own since he was in elementary school, and started playing guitar in 2015. If you want to avoid getting work done, get him started talking about his favorite bands.

Meet the Tutors

Karen Paul

Subject Areas: Prek-8 Language Arts, ESL for All Ages, Prek-5 Math

Karen has taught in self-contained K-5 classrooms for over 30 years, as well as teaching English as a Second Language in various factory settings and at migrant camps. She graduated with a BA in Elementary Education with a reading minor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, a MA in K-8 reading, and an ESL endorsement at Grand Valley State University. She loves reading and learning and is passionate about passing this on to students in a fun way.

In her free time, Karen likes to read, knit, play the piano and violin, cook, garden, and make jewelry. When opportunity arises she loves to practice her archery skills in target shooting. Spending time with her three children and husband is very important to her as is helping children to reach their full potential in a fun way!

Meet the Tutors

Alexander Maltsev

Subject Areas: 1st-12th Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Unreal Engine, and C++ (Holland Area)

Alexander is an aspiring Game Developer and 3D Artist who pursued a Computer Engineering degree from Brigham Young University – Idaho.
For the past few years he has taught 1st-9th graders how to code using Minecraft and worked at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Holland within the Douglas Elementary School extension site under the moniker of Mr. Alex, where he was known to be a calm and patient homework helper and (nearly) undefeatable chess player.
A natural born autodidact, he taught himself Calculus in High School so he could better understand orbital physics to more effectively play the Space Exploration Simulator: Kerbal Space Program.
Which is part of what makes him a great tutor, his ability to quickly and concisely learn brand new things and convey that knowledge to others.

When Alexander isn’t tutoring, developing, or learning something new: He loves to Swim, Box, and Lift. At home he has 3 Parrots (1 Cockatoo and 2 African Greys) and a puppy named Sophy.

Meet the Tutors

Luis Nunez

Subject Areas: K-12 Math and Spanish, Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Science

Luis is a dedicated wildlife major with a minor in art studio, set to graduate next spring. Born in the Dominican Republic and having lived in New York City for seven years before relocating to Michigan to complete his studies. His passion lies in the natural world, a realm he eagerly explores through hikes, camping and rock climbing in search of fascinating animal and plant species. Luis believes that integrating nature’s wonders into his sessions fosters an engaging learning environment for students. He also encourages them to tap into their artistic potential as a means of self-expression, finding it to be a powerful tool in grasping complex concepts.

Drawing from previous experience as a K-12 tutor, Luis has aided students in various math topics. He extends his expertise to the realms of natural science such as Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and helping students learn Spanish. Post-graduation, Luis aspires to pursue a Master’s degree in Animal Behavior and Physiology, focusing on bats. Luis brings a diverse perspective to his tutoring. He thrives in one-on-one or small group settings, finding them most conducive to effective learning.

Meet the Tutors

Darius Thomas

Subject Areas: 6th-College Math and Science (Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus I-Iv, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Orgo), ACT and SAT Math.

Darius is an aspiring medical researcher with 10+ years experience tutoring STEM related subject areas with dreams of one day founding his own private school. He is currently working to finish his degree in Biochemistry and Mathematics. Darius’ strengths lie in his mastering of fundamental concepts and his ability to explain and relate difficult subject matter to a variety of different real life experiences, tailoring each tutoring experience to the individual student. Learning becomes fun and easy with his unique perspective on tutoring and his personable methods, actually getting to know the student to teach them in a way that is interesting.
In his spare time, when he isn’t studying, he enjoys playing chess, reading, enjoying the outdoors and playing video games .He is a very avid tourist, enjoying learning about different cultures and perspectives.

Meet the Tutors

Mike Jeluso

Subject Areas: 2-6 Math, Language Arts, and Social Studies.

Mike has lived his whole life in the Grand Rapids area. Mike is a currently a substitute and a Shipt Shopper. Mike has been subbing for over 10 years in schools around the Grand Rapids area. Mike is certified in grades K – 8. Mike has a Bachelor’s in Education from the University of Phoenix and a Master’s in education from Central Michigan University. Mike’s favorite subject is History. Mike says that tutoring is a way to help children on a 1 to 1 basis so they can be successful later in life.

Mike enjoys playing board games, card games, and video games. Mike also loves to travel and explore and hopes to do as much as he can in the future. Mike plans to go to the Kentucky Derby next year and New Orleans in 2025. Mike also stays active by playing basketball and softball. Mike also likes going to museums, the beach, sporting events, and music festivals. Mike says that variety is the spice of life.

Katie is a 4th grade teacher during the school year. She graduated from Cornerstone University in 2022 with an Elementary Education degree with specializations in math and reading. Katie loves to play games as a way to learn and practice, as well as using quick mnemonics to help remember new concepts. Katie is from Illinois originally and loves to go back to visit her two sisters and parents.

Katie spends a lot of her time with friends and being outside. She just did her second triathlon in June and enjoys getting to train with her friends. She is a massive Chicago Bears football fan and could talk sports all day long! She loves getting to build relationships with students. Creating inside jokes on accident is her favorite!

Katie Froelich

Subject Areas: PreK-6 Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, & Science

Meet the Tutors