About Us

Our Philosophy

At Outside the Box: Creative Tutoring, we believe that the secret to unlocking a student’s potential lies in the ability to be silly, personable, and creative with how we teach. Many concepts can be taught through games, jokes, and silly anecdotes. If students are obsessed with robots, we will do everything with robotics as the theme from math word problems to reading books on the topic. If students like to be silly and make jokes, we’ll be silly with them. We believe that a laughing student will learn. When joking with students, we’re making an imprint on their memory, leaving them with something to recall and chuckle about as they take their tests.

We keep in touch with the students’ teachers so we know what they need to succeed in the classroom. We also follow along with state standards whether students come with homework or not to ensure that we are on topic with what they need. In addition to that, we go deeper than standards and apply unique methods to teaching students. We don’t shy from following a student’s passion down one road and going beyond what they learn in school.

If your children are having trouble memorizing multiplication tables, we’ll play games, make up songs to the tunes of their favorite artists (see below!), and give them the tricks and tools to help them gain confidence and help the information stick.

Students don’t think of us as another teacher, but more as a friend to joke and laugh with. They are excited to come to tutoring, and we believe that by making learning fun, we will see better results than by buckling down and being serious about the work to be done.

Without Deviation From the Norm, Progress Is Not Possible.
~Frank Zappa

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.
~Brad Henry