Science, Physics, & Chemistry Tutors

Science, Physics, & Chemistry Tutors

In and around Holland, Wyoming, Grand Rapids, & Rockford, MI

At Outside the Box: Creative Tutoring LLC, we have science, chemistry, and physics tutors who can help your child explore the world around them and discover a love for science. We offer both one-on-one tutoring and small group classes during the summer months. Our science tutors specialize in physical science, earth science, biology, chemistry, anatomy, and physics.


Our summer classes are for grades K-12 and give children an opportunity stray away from textbook learning and experience science in a hands-on environment. Whether your child needs lessons from a physics or chemistry tutor, or whether they just want to learn from a general science tutor - Be sure to check our Class Schedules page for upcoming classes!

I am among those who think that science has great beauty. ~Marie Curie

Is it a solid or a liquid? Our students engaged in the great debate while working with Oobleck.