Class Registration

  • 1 hour class - $10; 1.5 hour class - $15 ($25 for two children from the same household); 2 hour class - $20 ($35 for two children from the same household)
  • Parent/Guardian Agreement

  • I agree to committing to all sessions scheduled for this class. I understand that I will still be charged for sessions I cannot attend. If the teacher needs to cancel a session for any reason, it will be rescheduled at the convenience of the group or refunded if unable to reschedule. Payments will be due in advance for sessions. Payments are to be made on the website with a credit card or PayPal account. To reserve a spot in class, I will put in a down payment for at least the first two classes.
  • Photo and Video Release

  • I hereby give permission for images of my child(ren), captured during classes through video and photo, to be used solely for the purposes of Outside the Box: Creative Tutoring and Care promotional material and publications, and wave any rights to compensation or ownership thereto.